License in India


Manufacturing License means a license required by industry as per product manufacturing . . There are 36 Manufacturing industry classifications per nace code. Every industry requires and abide by different law according to product category.

We deliver the following Manufacturing License Services:

AGMARK License

AGMARK LICENSE What is AGMARK? AGMARK is a certification mark for agricultural produce, assuring that they conform to a grading standard notified by the Directorate

WPC ETA License

WPC ETA LICENSE What is WPC ETA License? The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a Wing of the Department of Telecommunications coming under the Ministry

APEDA License

APEDA LICENSE What is APEDA License? Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government organization established in 1985 through an act

MPEDA License

MPEDA LICENSE What is MPEDA License? The Marine Products Export Development Authority(MPEDA) was set up under Section (4) of the MPEDA Act, 1972, and became

Kosher License

KOSHER LICENSE What is Kosher License? In Hebrew, “kosher” means fit. Kosher food is any food fit for consumption by Jewish people. The laws of kosher define which foods a

Halal License

HALAL LICENSE What is Halal License? Halal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for the followers of Islam and no haram product

Trade License

TRADE LICENSE What is Trade License? A Trade License is a document/certificate that gives permission to the applicant (person seeking to open a business) to

FSSAI License

FSSAI LICENSE What is FSSAI License? Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,

PESO License

PESO LICENSE What is PESO License? The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), formerly known as the Department of Explosives, since its inception on 05/09/1898,

FDA License

FDA LICENSE What is FDA License? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA is responsible

AYUSH License

AYUSH LICENSE What is AYUSH License? Manufacturers who are involved in producing Ayurvedic or Herbal products in India need to acquire an AYUSH License controlled

Insecticide License

INSECTICIDE LICENSE What is Insecticide License? Any person desiring to manufacture or to sell, stock or exhibit for sale or distribute any insecticide, or to undertake

Pesticides License

PESTICIDE LICENSE What is Pesticide License? Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests. The term pesticide includes all of the following: herbicide, insecticides (which may include insect growth regulators, termiticides,

APMC License – Agricultural Produce Market Committee

APMC LICENSE What is APMC License? An Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a marketing board established by state governments in India to ensure farmers are safeguarded from exploitation by large retailers, as

ISI Mark

ISI MARK What is ISI Mark? The ISI mark is a standards-compliance mark for industrial products in India since 1955. The mark certifies that a product conforms

LMPC License(Weight and Measures)

LMPC (WEIGHT & MEASURE) What is LMPC License (Weight and Measures)? The Legal Metrology wing of the Department of Consumer Affairs came into being in

LMPC Manufacturing & Packer License

LMPC MANUFACTURING & PACKER What is LMPC Manufacturing & Packer License? Under the legal metrology laws, packer / manufacture is the one who distributes or

E-waste Management License

E-WASTE MANAGEMENT LICESE What is E-waste Management License? E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment waste, materials that are rejected from the manufacturing and repair process

Bureau of Energy Efficiency License

BUREAU OF ENEGRY EFFICIENCY LICENSE What is Bureau of Energy Efficiency License? The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency of the Government of India, under the Ministry of

Spices Board Registration

SPICE BOARD REGISTRATION What is Spice Board Registration License? The Spices Board is an Indian government regulatory and export promotion agency for Indian spices. It

Tea Board Registration

TEA BOARD REGISTRATION What is Tea Board Registration License? The Tea Board India is an organization administered by the Ministry of Commerce, the Government of

Ayush Premium Mark License

Ayush Premium Mark License What is Ayush Premium Mark? The Ayush Premium Mark is part of a new, voluntary quality certification scheme to ensure the efficacy of

Ayush Standard Mark License

Ayush Standard Mark License What is Ayush Standard Mark? Quality Council of India has been engaged for voluntary certification of the quality of Ayurveda Siddha

FDA License for Import Products

FDA License for Import Products What is FDA License for Import Products? All imported shipments of FDA-regulated products are reviewed by the FDA and must

FDA License for Manufacturing Products

FDA License for Manufacturing Products What is FDA License for Manufacturing Products? The company/distributor/independent agent to be an authorized Indian Agent for dealing with local/foreign