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Common License

A Common License refers to the licenses that are mandatory for businesses across various industries, depending on their activities, products, services, company size, and other relevant factors. These licenses are typically required to ensure compliance with government regulations, maintain public safety, protect consumer interests, and uphold industry standards.

We deliver the following Common License Services:

Fire NOC LIcense

Fire NOC License

This license is obtained to ensure that a building or establishment complies with fire safety regulations

Pollution​ License

Pollution​ License

This license is required for industries and businesses that emit pollutants into the environment.

Factory License

Factory License

This license is necessary for establishing and operating a factory. It ensures that the factory premises

Import-Export Code (IEC)

This license is issued by the government to businesses engaged in import and export activities.

Copyright​ License

This license grants the holder the legal right to reproduce, distribute, or display a copyrighted work.

Patent License

Patent License

This license grants the licensee the right to use, manufacture, or sell an invention protected by a patent.

Trademark License

A trademark (also written trade mark or trade-mark) is a type of intellectual property consisting of a

Legal Metrology Packaging Commodity (LMPC) Import​​

Legal Metrology Packaging Commodity (LMPC) Import​

This license is required for importing packaged commodities and ensures compliance with legal metrology

Shop Act License

This license, also known as the "Shops and Establishments Registration," is obtained to regulate the working conditions and employment

Design Patent License

Design Patent License

This license grants the licensee the right to use or manufacture a product design protected by a design patent.

Lift License

Lift​ License

This license is required for the installation, operation, and maintenance of lifts (elevators) in buildings.

GEM Registration License

GEM stands for Government e-Marketplace, an online platform for government procurement. GEM registration is

NSIC Registration License

National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) License

NSIC provides various services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). he NSIC registration or license enables