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Shop Act License

What is a Shop Act License?


Shop Act License, also known as the Shops and Establishments Act License, is a legal requirement in India that regulates the working conditions and employment terms of commercial establishments. The license is governed by the respective state government’s Shops and Establishments Act.

The Shops and Establishments Act aims to ensure the welfare of employees, protect their rights, and promote better working conditions in shops, commercial establishments, and other service sectors. The act typically covers various aspects, including working hours, holidays, wages, leave policies, health and safety measures, and employment of women and young workers.

Obtaining a Shop Act License is mandatory for all businesses operating within the jurisdiction of the respective state. It applies to a wide range of establishments, including shops, hotels, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, and other service-oriented businesses.

It’s important for businesses to comply with the requirements of the Shops and Establishments Act and maintain a valid Shop Act License to avoid penalties or legal consequences. The specific regulations and procedures may vary slightly from state to state in India, as each state has its own Shops and Establishments Act.

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What are the Benefits of a Shop Act License?

Legal Compliance

Having a Shop Act License ensures that your business is operating in compliance with the law. It helps you avoid legal issues, penalties, and potential closures due to non-compliance.

Business Credibility

Holding a valid license enhances your business's credibility and reputation. It reassures customers, employees, and stakeholders that your establishment operates within the legal framework and maintains proper working conditions.

Employee Welfare

The Shop Act License ensures that your business follows regulations related to working hours, holidays, wages, and leave policies. It helps protect the rights and welfare of your employees, fostering a positive work environment.

Health and Safety

The license mandates compliance with health and safety regulations, ensuring that your establishment maintains appropriate standards to protect employees and customers. This includes measures related to fire safety, cleanliness, ventilation, lighting, and other necessary precautions.

Legal Protection

Holding a valid license provides legal protection for your business in case of any disputes or conflicts with employees, customers, or authorities. It establishes a framework for resolving issues through the legal system.

Expansion Opportunities

Holding a Shop Act License is often a prerequisite for expanding your business, opening new branches, or entering into contracts with government or corporate entities. It broadens your opportunities for growth and expansion.

Why Shop Act License is Required?


The requirement of a Shop Act License is essential to ensure the protection, well-being, and fair treatment of employees in commercial establishments. By setting standards for working conditions, wages, and leave policies, it promotes a healthy work environment. The license also mandates compliance with safety regulations, safeguarding the health and safety of employees and customers.

Additionally, it facilitates accountability, enabling authorities to monitor businesses and take appropriate action against non-compliant establishments. Obtaining a Shop Act License establishes business legitimacy, instills trust among stakeholders, and contributes to a responsible and ethical business culture. Ultimately, the license serves as a vital tool in upholding the rights of employees, fostering sustainable growth, and promoting a humane approach to commerce.

Who can get Shop Act License?


Commercial Establishments



Health Clinic

Document Required for Shop Act License

Role of Shamkris and Process of Shop Act License


Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to compliance with mandatory licence requirements in the organization. A simple and guidance methodology help organisation to achieve licence in a timely manner and cost-effective. Shamkris support 100% in advisory, Guidance, Compliance with respect to license requirements to obtain approval.

The License process described below:

Advisory for the document required

Preparation of documents as per application & list of documents.

Application File

Inspection by the department if required

Liason department

Yearly Compliance if Applicable

Renewal when due

Who can issue the Shop Act License?


Hence, every state in India has enacted the Shops and Establishments Act. This Act is executed in order to: regulate the conditions of work, provide for statutory obligations of the employers and. administer the rights of employees in the unorganized sector and other establishments in their jurisdiction.

Shop Act is a mandatory requirement if the business premises are located within municipal limits. It is applicable even if you are doing your business for your home or residential premises. … It is compulsory to display the Shop Act Intimation/Registration certificate in a prominent place in the business premises.