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What is Liquor License?

liquor license (or liquor license in most forms of Commonwealth English) is a governmentally issued permit to sell, manufacture, store, or otherwise use alcoholic beverages.

How to get a Liquor License in India?

If you are planning to serve liquor in your bar then for that you have to get a liquor license first. The following are the steps you need to take for obtaining a liquor license-

  • Understand what type of Liquor license you required

Each state has its own rules and regulations for license. So you should first contact the local authority to find out about alcohol laws and the sale of licenses in your states.  Furthermore, some states have license quotas limiting the number of places that can sell alcohol within the state.

  • Understand the need for On- License or Off – License

There are two major types of liquor license required by premises that are selling alcohol

1. You will need an on- license if you intend to consume the liquor on the premises.

2. You will need an off-license if you intend to consume or sell the liquor on the premises.

Why this License is Required?

In India’s richest state, every time you bake a rum cake or make liqueur-filled chocolates for your family, you could be breaking the law. That’s because you need a liquor permit to use alcohol in food—even for self-consumption.

Who can get Liquor License?




Alcoholic Beverages

Document Required for Liquor License

Role of Shamkris and Process of Liquor License

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to compliance with mandatory licence requirements in the organization. A simple and guidance methodology help organisation to achieve licence in a timely manner and cost-effective. Shamkris support 100% in advisory, Guidance, Compliance with respect to license requirements to obtain approval.

The License process described below:

Advisory for the document required

Preparation of documents as per application & list of documents.

Application File

Inspection by the department if required

Liason department

License issued

Yearly Compliance if Applicable

Renewal when due

Who can issue the Liquor License?


Documents Required for Obtaining a Liquor License
  1. Identity Proof of the Applicant.
  2. Address proof of the applicant.
  3. Address proof of the premise used for serving/selling/storing/manufacturing of alcohol.
  4. NOC from the state fire department and municipal corporation.
There are commonly several types of liquor licenses:

Restaurant Liquor License: This is the most common type of liquor license. It is also known as the “all liquor license” because it generally allows one to serve all types of alcohol. … So, in simplest terms, a liquor license is a legal authorization to sever alcohol.

To apply for a liquor license, contact your local ABC agency to acquire the appropriate forms, fill them out, and submit them. In some states, you’ll need to submit an application to both your state and town or county. Do this as early as possible, as review times are often longer than 30 days.