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Regulatory License

Regulatory License means any authorization, license, registration, permission, permit, easement, franchise, grant, variance, exception, exemption, consent, certificate, certification, approval, or confirmation of non-objection of any Governmental Entity of competent jurisdiction.

There are two types of regulatory licenses. One Common License and the other Industry-Specific License. Industry-Specific Licenses are also classified into two types, Manufacturing Licenses, and Service Licenses.

We deliver the following Regulatory License Services:

Common License

A Common License is a required by all types of industries as mandatory depending on their activity, product, services, size of the company, & similar other factors.

Manufacturing License

A manufacturing license is a mandatory license required by industries for product manufacturing. There are 36 industry classifications for manufacturing based on the NACE code.

Service License

A licensed service refers to the provision of a service in exchange for compensation, utilizing a licensed product or the implementation of a licensed process.