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Fire NOC License

What is Fire NOC License?


A Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) License, also referred to as a Fire Safety Certificate, is a crucial document issued by the local fire department or the appropriate regulatory authority. It serves as proof that a building, establishment, or facility has successfully met the required fire safety standards and regulations set forth by the authorities.

The Fire NOC License is obtained through a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by the fire department. During this assessment, the premises are thoroughly inspected to ensure they comply with specific fire safety criteria. These criteria include the presence of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and clear evacuation plans, among other necessary safety measures.

The purpose of the Fire NOC License is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals within the premises, as well as neighboring structures and the surrounding community. By obtaining this license, building owners and operators demonstrate their commitment to fire safety and their compliance with the established regulations.

Additionally, the Fire NOC License is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions for certain types of buildings and businesses. Commercial complexes, industrial facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, and venues where public gatherings occur are typically obligated to acquire this license.

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What is Benefits of Fire NOC License?

Enhanced Fire Safety

It demonstrates compliance with standards and ensures necessary precautions to prevent and manage fire incidents.

Legal Compliance

The license ensures compliance with local laws and regulations regarding fire safety. This helps businesses and property owners avoid legal penalties and potential closure due to non-compliance.

Public Safety

Fire incidents can pose significant risks to the safety of occupants and the general public. With a Fire NOC License, buildings are better equipped to protect people from fire hazards, thereby reducing the potential for injuries or loss of life.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that a building has met the required fire safety standards provides peace of mind to both occupants and owners.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance providers require a Fire NOC License as a prerequisite for providing coverage against fire-related risks.

Professional Reputation

Holding a Fire NOC License reflects a commitment to safety and responsible business practices. It enhances the professional reputation of the establishment, fostering trust among customers, clients, and stakeholders.

Why Fire NOC License is Required?

  1. Fire Safety: It ensures that buildings and establishments have implemented necessary fire safety measures to protect occupants and minimize the risk of fire incidents.

  2. Legal Compliance: Obtaining a Fire NOC License is often a legal requirement imposed by local authorities or regulatory bodies.

  3. Public Safety: The license promotes public safety by verifying that buildings adhere to fire safety standards and have adequate measures in place to handle emergencies.

  4. Inspections: The Fire NOC License necessitates inspections by the fire department or relevant authorities to assess and verify fire safety compliance.

  5. Emergency Preparedness: It encourages the development and implementation of emergency response plans, evacuation procedures, and training for fire incidents.

  6. Insurance Coverage: Many insurance providers require a Fire NOC License as a prerequisite for providing coverage against fire-related risks.

  7. Compliance with Building Codes: The license ensures compliance with building codes that incorporate fire safety regulations and standards.

Who can get Fire NOC License?



Cloud Kitchen


Residential Occupancy

Educational Buildings

Cinema Halls

Business Buildings having offices

Institutional Buildings


Shops & Warehouse

Industrial Buildings

Document Required for Fire NOC License

Role of Shamkris and Process of Fire NOC License


Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to compliance with mandatory licence requirements in the organization. A simple and guidance methodology help organisation to achieve licence in a timely manner and cost-effective. Shamkris support 100% in advisory, Guidance, Compliance with respect to license requirements to obtain approval.

The License process described below:

Advisory for the document required

Preparation of documents as per application & list of documents.

Application File

Inspection by the department if required

Liason department

Yearly Compliance if Applicable

Renewal when due

Who can issue the Fire NOC License?


Fire NOC means No Objection Certificate regarding Fire Safety Equipments installation in Building as per National Building Code (NBC) norms. Fire rules are different for all types buildings, means different rules as per types, height, area of constructed building.

Fire No objection Certificate is issued by the Fire Department Authority of the particular state or municipality. This license ensures that the residential or commercial property is fire resistant and unlikely to damage property and lives caused by fire accidents.

As per a government notification from 2011, an NOC from the fire and emergency services is mandatory for the local municipal authority like the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to approve building plans.

Documents Required for NOC from Fire Department
  1. Site Plan including the analysis report of the property.
  2. Model of Building.
  3. Registered office address of the business.
  4. Fire Compliance Certificate.
  5. Checklist which is prepared by the architect.
  6. Aadhaar Copy.
  7. PAN card of the applicant.

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