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Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

What is Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Industry?

The Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Industry sector plays a vital role in our economy and our lives. It supplies us and many other countries with a wide variety of food products and non-food products such as fibers, lumber, and nursery items. It contributes positively to our foreign trade balance and it remains one of the Nation’s larger industries in terms of total employment. However, technology continues to enable us to produce more of these products with fewer workers, resulting in fewer farms and farmworkers.

Goods and services. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing includes two large subsectors—crop production and animal production—plus three smaller subsectors—forestry and logging, fishing, and agricultural support activities. Crop production includes farms that mainly grow crops used for food and fiber, while animal production includes farms and ranches that raise animals for sale or for animal products.

The fishing subsector includes mainly fishers that catch fish and shellfish to sell, while the forestry and logging subsector includes establishments that grow, harvest, and sell timber. The agricultural support activities subsector includes establishments that perform any number of agricultural-related activities, such as soil preparation, planting, harvesting, or management on a contract or fee basis.

Establishments in agriculture, forestry, and fishing include farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, and hatcheries. The operators, or people who run these agricultural businesses, typically either own the land in production or they lease the land from the owner. But production may also take place in the country’s natural habitats and on government-owned lands and waterways, as in the case of logging, cattle-grazing, and fishing.

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Industry

Growing of cereals

Leguminous Crops

Oil Seeds

Growing of rice

Growing of vegetables and melons

Growing of sugar cane

Growing of tobacco

Growing of fibre crops

Growing of other non-perennial crops

Growing of grapes

Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits

Growing of citrus fruits

Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits

Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts

Growing of oleaginous fruits

Growing of beverage crops

Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops

Growing of other perennial crops

Plant propagation

Raising of dairy cattle

Raising of other cattle and buffaloes

Raising of horses and other equines

Raising of camels and camelids

Raising of sheep and goats

Raising of swine/pigs

Raising of poultry

Raising of other animals

Mixed farming

Support activities for crop production

Freshwater aquaculture

Post-harvest crop activities

Seed processing for propagation

Hunting, trapping and related service activities

Silviculture and other forestry activities


Gathering of wild growing non-wood products

Support services to forestry

Marine fishing

Freshwater fishing

Marine aquaculture

Role of Shamkris

A Project Report is a document that provides details on the overall picture of the proposed business. The project report gives an account of the project proposal to ascertain the prospects of the proposed plan/activity.

Shamkris will provide a Project report covering Industry License requirements, competitor analysis, Land requirements, machinery requirements, equipment requirements, and financial requirements.

Some of the areas covered in the project report are outlined below:

  • Introduction
  • Project Description
  • Uses and Applications
  • Market Survey
  • Raw Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Process Description
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Plant Layout
  • Details of Plant & Machinery
  • Suppliers of Raw Materials
  • Suppliers of Plant & Machinery
  • Plant Location Factors
  • Land & building Required
  • Power and Water Required
  • Details of Manpower Required
  • Financials of the Project
  • License and application Certificate

Financials of the Project includes:

  • Land and Building Costs
  • Plant and Machinery Costs
  • Other Fixed Assets
  • Fixed Capital Investment
  • Raw Material Costs
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Total Working Capital
  • Cost of Project
  • Total Capital Investment
  • Cost of Production
  • Turnover per Annum
  • Profitability Analysis
  • 5-year Profit Analysis
  • Break-even Point
  • Resources of Finance
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Projected Balance Sheet


The agriculture, forestry and fishing industry has the role of managing our natural resources. The industry includes business activities engaged in growing crops, raising animals, growing and harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from farms or their natural habitats.
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing includes two large subsectors—crop production and animal production—plus three smaller subsectors—forestry and logging, fishing, and agricultural support activities.

Fish farming is a form of aquaculture in which fish are raised in enclosures to be sold as food. It is the fastest growing area of animal food production. The damage caused by fish farms varies, depending on the type of fish, how it is raised and fed, the size of the production, and where the farm is located.